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X-Factor Mobile App Coming to your phone or tablet March 2021

A revolutionary Step-by-Step System covering Shooting, Ball Handling, Attacking, and Finishing that builds each skill from beginner all the way to the elite level.

The last training program you'll ever need. No more piecing together workouts and wasting time performing skills incorrectly or that don't translate to game performance.

Each section is broken down into 4 levels to match player's current level.

Many additional resources including  the Worldwide Elite Scoring Competition, NBA player skills analysis, Ask Coach Z section, a community of basketball fanatics.

Access the entire X-Factor program anywhere, anytime.


Skills Training Opportunities


Greg Zuffelato

Founder of X-Factor

The slogan 'Basketball is Life' is a perfect way to describe Greg. He has over 25 years of coaching experience, ranging from the youth level to the Division I college level, his dad spent over 50 years in basketball with the majority of his time in the NBA and for the past 20 years his brother has held an executive position at the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.  Greg’s experience and family background provide him with a very unique view of the game of basketball.

While he loves all aspects of the game, understanding how to develop a player's ability to score is his passion. After having children and beginning to teach them the fundamentals, he quickly realized there wasn’t a comprehensive, systematic approach to bring a player from the beginning stages to the elite scorer level. Tons of programs exist and an endless number of drills but nothing that took the fundamentals of the game and walked a player step-by-step to reach their ultimate goal.

Unable to find the program he was looking for, he intensified his time working with players, researching, studying, and watching everything related to basketball skill development, which has now mounted into thousands of hours. During this quest, the X-Factor program was born.

X-Factor is the ultimate program for creating an amazing offensive player, taking anyone from the beginning stages, and walking them step-by-step all the way to elite. Whether you’re working with him in person or through the X-Factor App, you can have complete confidence that every second you're on the basketball court you'll be doing exactly what it takes to become an elite scorer.


“Nothing is given.  Everything is earned.”

Lebron James


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